This is my Heaven on Earth...

This is my Heaven on Earth...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hudson's First Birthday Party Pictures Galore...:)

 Me and my Baby {BiG} Boy on his Birthday! *tear* ;) ...We had a low key Birthday Party for our little man at the park...we invited my parents and siblings and Klete's parents and siblings. We had a great time.

 We enjoyed each other's company while eating some yummy pizza. Hudson loved his pizza :)

 Hudson enjoyed seeing his cousins...{top picture: Nanny, Gunner & Hudson}
{picture below: Hudson and Ayden}
 LOVING the swings...

 ...and the sand!!!
{The kids had so much fun squirting each other with the squirt guns!}
Thank you to my dad for bringing them! 
 Grandpa & Hudson 

 Singing Happy Birthday to the little man...
 The cake I made for Hudson! He loves Elmo. Not bad for my first cake making eh? HeeHee ;)
 "Hmmm...this eye ball looks pretty tasty..."

 "YUP!! IT IS!!!"
Sharing his cake with his Aunt Brecklyn :)
 "Hmmm...I wonder what I do with this big chunk of goodness??...Eat it?...OKAY!!!"
 A better look at his cake and cupcakes that I made :)
Hudson loves ELMO so I figured an Elmo theme would suit my little guy the best! 
{EYES:marshmallows} {DOTS ON EYES: icing} {NOSE: gumballs} {MOUTH: half an oreo}
{Thank you to my MIL for helping me decorate the cupcakes...went much quicker with you here :)}
I love how they turned out! What do you think? 
Happy First Birthday to my little boy! I love you so much!

Thank you to our family who came out and celebrated Hudson's First Birthday with us!
We love you!


nate and amy crandell said...

I love the cake and cupcakes!!! Good job Tatum!!

Happy Birthday to Hudson ;) !