This is my Heaven on Earth...

This is my Heaven on Earth...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wyatt and little brother

 This kid....well...this kid is one of a kind I tell ya...
but he makes my life Un-Dull {is that even a word?} that's for sure.
He is always surprising me.
He makes my life full of adventure & spunk.
Never ever a dull moment.
{above pict: wearing a beanie with a cowboy hat on top} :)
 I don't know what I'd do without him. 
He is so very sweet.
He always hugs me and says " my best friend"
He is extremely smart.
I always thought I wanted to hold him back from school a year so that when he graduates, he will immediately go on his mission instead of wait around a year after graduation to go...
I am questioning that now...
He acts very old for his age and sure knows alot.
He tells me all the time...
"Mommy...I want to go to school"
He wants to be big and it makes me a little sad.
He is growing up too quickly.

 He is very funny and says the funniest things sometimes. 
He has the best personality.
My dad always tells me that he thinks Wyatt is one of the funniest kids ever.
He is very outgoing.
Very social. 
Loves to play with friends and makes new ones very easily.
He got this nice shiner {black eye} on Easter.
Not really sure exactly what happened but from his side of the story...
He was in our guest room and he told me he was standing on a box {cardboard box}
and it collapsed on him and he fell. 
That's all I know.
He is always getting into something or getting hurt.
He is very very busy and doesn't sit still. EVER.
{Maybe when he's sleeping} MAYBE.
 This picture below is a little blurry but had to be super quick when taking it because I walked into where they were at and found them both like this. Hahaha. Love them.
 Wyatt sure loves his little brother.
He loves to have a constant friend to play with.
Hudson enjoys it too.
They love eachother.
 Love these two and am happy to be their mama.


Jonny and Brittany said...

Oh my heck! I can't get enough of your boys! When Declan is born we need to do some play dates :)

Klete and Tatum said...

Thank you Brittany!! I would love to do play dates-can't wait for him to get here!! :)

Klete and Tatum said...
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nate and amy crandell said...

You do have the most adorable boys!!! Miss you guys :)