This is my Heaven on Earth...

This is my Heaven on Earth...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Random pictures from our trip :)

After driving all night long, the boys luckily slept most the time, here are the boys after just waking up. We let them get out, get dressed and stretch their legs a little bit :)

Play time at the hotel.
Wyatt loves his baby brother. He is always looking out for Hudson and taking care of him.

I love these 3
Wyatt wanted so badly to wear daddy's belt. As soon as Klete wrapped it around him-he was mad and immediately wanted him to take it off.!

Hudson loved Zak & Karol's baby. If Evan was left on the ground, Hudson was bound to touch, poke, smile, giggle and smother this baby haha! So sweet :)

 Gwen even joined in on it...:)
Hudson was obsessed with Karol's piano. Each time we went to their house, the first thing Hudson would do is run up and pound on the keys. {I'm sure poor Karol was annoyed but she is one of the sweetest girls I know and pretended not to care ;)}

 Who knew a box could be so entertaining?!?!
These kids played in it for the longest time!

After going to the Zoo, we went to the awesome outdoor mall in Salt Lake City near Temple Square and luckily caught this shot/view of the Temple. Cause right after, my camera battery died...I was so sad. We went to Temple Square after the mall and I didn't get to take any pictures. Luckily, Karol did. I just need to get those from her and all will be well :) 
I loved walking around Temple Square with my family. I am so grateful 'Families are Forever' The spirit was strong and I was feeling very blessed....Wyatt was cracking me up at the Temple. A bunch of woman missionaries came walking out of the temple after doing temple work and Wyatt made sure to say "Hi" to each one of them (there were probably between 10-15 of them) and he was flirting and saying "Bye, I'll miss you...see you later..." HAHA. I was dying. So were they :)


With Love, Bobbi said...

fun times. A vacation to remember. Love the view and the cutie patooties! Amazing how a box can occupy their time.